Another Major Investment in Deuterium Technology for Pharmaceuticals

First Auspex Pharmaceuticals announces its IPO priced at $12.00 per share, and now Concert Pharmaceuticals announces its IPO at $14.00 per share.  Auspex and Concert are both working on developing drugs containing deuterium (H2) in place of protium (H1) at key positions.  Both companies have pharma products in the pipeline and both have products that are in mid-phase trials.  Concert has made a number of collaboration agreements with companies to utilize deuterium substitution in pharmaceuticals already on the market.  The principle behind the technology is that deuterium binds more tightly than protium and therefore is less reactive.  Substitution of protium with deuterium in a pharmaceutical is expected to reduce the rate at which the drug is metabolized, thereby allowing a more convenient and safer therapy regimen. The steady pattern of major investment leading to IPOs for both companies supports the confidence that investors have in the ultimate success of this deuterium substitution technology. Contact us as your supplier of deuterium gas for sale.

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