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Toshiba Makes a Large Advance in Semi-Conductor Fabrication Using Deuterium

The growing use of deuterium in the high tech sector has again been demonstrated. In a news release by PR Newswire, Toshiba has announced a major breakthrough in the fabrication of low-power semiconductors.  The new technology reduces the stress induced leakage current – the enemy of power efficiency – by at least 30%.  The process uses deuterium gas, burning the gas in ambient oxygen during the gate oxidation process.  This introduces deuterium atoms into the gate oxide.  Introduction of SiD4 into the process increased deuterium in the SiO­2 layer by a factor of ten. The new process can also be applied to achieve higher reliability in thin-tunnel oxides for non-volatile memories. Find more information on d2o benefits click here

The link to the press release is given below.

Labeling for Mass Spec analysis

This article is one of an ‘Expert Tips’ series from Waters, and it has useful recommendations for deuterium labelling of peptides for protein structural dynamics and conformational changes.  Deuterium oxide is used to label proteins for specific times and analysis performed by mass spectroscopy with appropriate software.  This is an example of the applications of deuterium oxide in pharmaceutical and biological research.  This article written by Dr. Joomi Ahn has been published in Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News. For more up to date information on deuterium oxide for sale click here.

Will India need to import heavy water?

India has perhaps the world’s most advanced nuclear energy program.  The nation has some 20 reactors now (90% of which are heavy water moderated types) and plans to add approximately 60,000 MW of new nuclear energy generation by 2032.  Heavy water reactors will remain a significant portion of the planned role out.  In addition to four more heavy water reactors coming on stream in 2015 and 2016, the attached article outlines India’s near term plan of adding 16 heavy water reactors and notes that these reactors are demonstrated to be highly economical and reliable.  This many reactors will require a tremendous amount of deuterium oxide (heavy water) which could be substantially higher than India’s current ability to supply. For more information on deuterium oxide uses click thru to page.

The benefits of deuterium in building a better microchip

Here is an interesting link about Samsung’s activities to make a better microchip through use of deuterium (heavy hydrogen).  The core technology was discovered at the University of Illinois University in the late 1990s and since 2010 it has been progressing towards commercialization.  Deuterium has superior properties to regular hydrogen and allow chips to run hotter and faster for similar life times. Cell phones and computers are made better through use of deuterium made from deuterium oxide. Contact us for more information on deuterium supplier

Life science applications with living cells

One of the many examples of innovation based on deuterium’s role in non-radioactive life science applications is with living cells.  A technique uses the fact a carbon-deuterium bond vibrates at a unique frequency different from the normal carbon-hydrogen bond to support research into protein development inside the brain as long-term memory is formed.

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