Frequently Asked Questions about deuterium oxide and Isowater

We’ve collected some frequently asked questions about deuterium oxide, also known as D2O and heavy water. If you don’t see your question addressed, don’t hesitate to reach out to our knowledgeable team.

Why work with Isowater®?

Isowater specializes in global shipping and delivery of heavy water, also known as D2O and deuterium oxide. Isowater® is the leading global supplier of D2O and the supplier of choice for customers that require a sustainable long-term deuterium supply chain partner.

Can Isowater handle bulk purchases?

Isowater can provide bulk quantities of high-quality deuterium oxide for the non-nuclear sector, thanks to our logistics and regulatory expertise. For bulk purchases, please submit the form on this page.

Which Industries Utilize Heavy Water?

Isowater delivers deuterium oxide for multiple applications and business models of all shapes and sizes. Here are some specific examples of industries that utilize deuterium oxide.

Metabolic studies have shown that deuterium containing drugs or deuterated drugs metabolize slower while generally retaining full potency and effectiveness.

Hospital diagnostics labs and university laboratories all use deuterated compounds in their medical research, including cancer research.

Deuterium as a tracer is applied in environmental studies, water and waste-water mapping, and more recently in the monitoring of hydraulic fracturing.

Deuterium extends the life of fibre-optic cables by reducing the chemical reaction rate which leads to deterioration of the light transmission.

Deuterium significantly improves the life cycle of semiconductors and microchips by preventing deterioration of the chip circuitry from chemical erosion.

Scientific Research
Many organizations use deuterated products for Chemical, physical and biological research purposes.

Can Isowater handle variable order sizes of deuterium oxide?

Isowater can provide a scalable, stable and secure supply of deuterium oxide eliminating uncertainty of supply. Isowater supplies a variety of industries with tens of thousands of kilograms of D2O per year.