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Job Posting

Position: Chemist


Isowater Corporation, a Collingwood Ontario company involved with developing deuterium technology is seeking an Analytic Chemist.  Situated in active and stunning locale at the foot of Georgian Bay, the area offers extensive opportunity for combining work and outdoor activities for a balanced and positive lifestyle.

The person will be responsible for the daily operation of the laboratory under the direction of the Chief Chemist.  We are seeking someone with experience in operating sophisticated laboratory equipment specifically including procedures such as Gas Chromatography, FTIR analysis, spectrophotometry, and a list of chemical, biological and physical tests on current products.  The person will also provide technical support for the development of new products as well as technical support for the safe and efficient operation of production facilities.  Experience with sterile techniques and lab equipment such as fume hoods, laminar flow hoods, autoclaves, and lab skills such as calibration and standardization of assays as well as data analysis is important.  Familiarity with working in an ISO driven environment is helpful. Experience in a pharma related field is an asset. A Ph.D. or equivalent graduate degree from a recognized university is required, preferably in applied chemistry or related field.  Experience with or knowledge of physical chemistry or materials science would be an asset.

Isowater is one of a group of sister companies actively developing new technologies, and the position is one which will expand to accommodate new developments.  We require a person who can work independently within a team setting, is prepared to be flexible but can focus on achieving targets.  The successful candidate will be a person who can quickly establish a good working relationship with team members from a variety of backgrounds and education, a person who leads by example.

Job Description

Ensure all lab team members are trained and work is performed in a safe and efficient manner using the appropriate PPE where applicable, Ensure laboratory facilities and equipment are maintained to appropriate standards for cleanliness, safety and security,
Execute daily work determined by supervisor maintaining efficient work-flow to assure completion of scheduled tasks and meet established due dates, prepare and validate test solutions, standard solutions and other required solutions, collect and prepare samples, including samples of dangerous products, using appropriate training and personal  protective equipment.

Develop and perform all Quality and other testing, in coordination with the Chief Chemist, as per approved methods, following the company’s Standard Operating Procedures, Deviations and Change Control programs and all relevant quality guidelines including ISO 9001:2015, ensure efficient operation of laboratory equipment, scheduling, executing and documenting that calibration, standardization and maintenance is performed to the approved quality system standards, provide technical support and work in collaboration with others to optimize, validate and monitor production processes and facilitate new process development, ensure that required documentation is complete in every aspect and all results are entered in an analyst notebook or appropriate quality documents,
Prepare reports and record data in timely manner for review by the Chief Chemist,
Plan, coordinate, compile, publish, and submit regulatory applications in compliance with regulatory authority requirements worldwide, participate in project planning with the responsibility to ensure regulatory submission requirements and timing are in alignment with overall project timelines, assist in the resolution of routine as well as non-routine technical problems, other tasks that may be assigned from time to time.