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Deuterium oxide (Heavy Water) is a form of water in which both hydrogen atoms are the deuterium isotopes (heavy hydrogen) as opposed to the protium isotopes (light hydrogen). Applications are found in the Pharmaceutical, Diagnostics, Hydrology, and Scientific Research and Manufacturing industry as well as and making deuterium gas for Fiber Optics and Semiconductors industries.

Supplier of Choice For Your Heavy Water Purchase

Isowater® is the supplier of choice for customers that require a sustainable long term deuterium supply chain partner that can grow as you grow. We will provide deuterium oxide to you as you start in the developmental stage and grow to need bulk commercial drum delivery. Through collaboration, Isowater® will assist your growing business, ensuring your supply chain will be robust and able to withstand the uncertainties of the global heavy water market.

Isowater® is working with Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) formerly known as Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL) to advance deuterium oxide (heavy water) technology and sales. This collaboration enables Isowater® to market and sell existing high-quality deuterium oxide inventories to the life science and high-tech industries.

Deuterium Oxide 99.9%

Isotopic Concentration


% atom D
µCi/kg D2O


1 KG/ 1LHDPE BottleDeuterium Oxide 99.90% +/- 0.05%
1 KG/ 1LGlass BottleDeuterium Oxide 99.90% +/- 0.03%
10 KGStainless Steel DrumDeuterium Oxide 99.90%+/- 0.03%
20 KGStainless Steel DrumDeuterium Oxide 99.90% +/- 0.03%
30 KGStainless Steel DrumDeuterium Oxide 99.90% +/- 0.03%
228 KGStainless Steel DrumDeuterium Oxide 99.90% +/- 0.02%
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Physical  State & Appearance
Molecular Weight
Boiling Point
Melting Point
Specific Gravity
Odor Threshold

20.027 g/mole
Clear, colourless
101.4 °C
3.8 °C
1.107 @ 25 °C (Water=1.0000)
Odourless, no threshold available
Completely miscible with water or aqueous solutions

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    Common Uses of Deuterium

    Chemical, physical and biological research laboratories use deuterium in many ways. Many companies are involved in manufacturing deuterated products for these applications. As an example, investigators use deuterated NMR solvents to provide a blank background solvent for the acquisition of sample proton spectra. Pharmaceutical research looks for specific site deuterium labelling to improve the pharmacokinetics of interesting drugs. Physics applications of deuterium oxide include fusion process development, neutron generation and a wide range of other experimental studies. Biological pathways yield important individual metabolic characteristics when deuterium oxide is introduced into living systems.


    Isowater® achieves this through its very large inventory of deuterium oxide as well as Isowater’s® planned implementation of the D2XTM Process for producing scalable, stable and secure supply of deuterium oxide. Isowater® eliminates the uncertainty of supply which has been introduced into the market from time to time as government-controlled production of deuterium oxide (heavy water) is used for nuclear purposes.

    The D2XTM Process is an environmentally friendly process that reduces Green House Gas emissions by some 95% from conventional production technology and completely eliminates any emissions of hydrogen sulphide or ammonia-based chemicals.

    Where to Buy Heavy Water

    Trusted by companies all around the world, Isowater® provides excellent heavy water at competitive pricing. As well, Isowater® is regulated under the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) and all of Isowater’s®  activities follow Canadian law and regulations. The Canadian regulations are fully compliant with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) requirements for safeguarding of deuterium oxide.