Isowater® Completes $3.2M Development Program

-Technology to Solve Coming Deuterium Oxide Supply Crunch-

Collingwood, Ontario August 17, 2015, Isowater® Corporation is pleased to announce that it has completed a $3.2 million multiyear development project to advance its innovative method to produce deuterium oxide (heavy water) known as the D2XTM Process. Availability of deuterium oxide has been on the decline over the past decade as inventories are consumed and existing limited production capacity ages. At the same time rapid escalation of demand is occurring both in the traditional nuclear market as well as new growing life science, high tech and environmental technology applications.

“We are most pleased with the results of our D2XTM Process development,” said Andrew T. B. Stuart, President and CEO of Isowater® Corporation. “As the world supply of deuterium oxide shifts to shortage, our process will provide a scalable method to produce high purity deuterium oxide to the growing non- nuclear users and eventually the nuclear energy market. The D2XTM Process can be built on a much smaller scale than traditional production methods and produce deuterium oxide at costs below new builds of current production technology. Also compared with current commercial technology, the D2XTM Process will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by some 95% as well as completely eliminate noxious sulfur or ammonia compounds typically released to the environment. The nature of Isowater’s® process also is suitable for private sector implementation as opposed to historic technology which has been financed and operated by governments based on their nuclear energy policies.”

During the past ten years non-traditional applications for deuterium oxide have flourished in diverse markets such as semiconductors, fibre optics, pharmaceuticals, medical procedures, health and beauty products, research applications, and hydrology. Today Isowater® sells deuterium oxide to these diverse markets and is preparing to recycle downgraded deuterium oxide from customers. Each of these applications represents a growing market as demonstrated by many new and improved products along with several highly successful companies that have emerged and have accessed major investments by public markets, venture and industrial firms. At the same time, deuterium oxide availability appears uncertain as the world supply to date has been funded solely by government entities based on their strategic energy policy. An important role for private sector innovation and leadership has emerged to ensure a secure long term future supply for non-nuclear users that is independent of government nuclear energy policy and spending decisions.

The D2XTMproject was funded with contributions from Isowater®, Sustainable Development Technology Canada, the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP), Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (formerly Atomic Energy of Canada Limited), and a large international chemical company as well as a global industrial gas firm.


About Isowater®

Isowater® Corporation is a Canadian company that provides a reliable supply of hydrogen isotopes to global markets. Our products are deuterium oxide (heavy water) and deuterium gas systems for applications in Life Science and High Tech markets including: semiconductors, fibre optics, pharmaceuticals, medical procedures, health and beauty products, research applications, and hydrology applications. Isowater® can supply the needs of customers for deuterium oxide today while at the same time develop the supply chain solutions for lowering the customer’s deuterium oxide cost through recycling as well as ensure stable supply as the many high growth users increase their demands from small to very large quantities over time. For more information on what is deuterium oxide click here.



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