Isowater® Strengthens Business Development and Marketing Team

Toronto, Ontario March 12, 2014, Isowater® Corporation (Isowater®), a reliable supplier of deuterium oxide (heavy water), is pleased to announce that Dr. Joseph Porwoll and Ms. Wanda Cutler have joined the team as Vice President Business Development and Director of Marketing and Communications respectively.

Dr. Porwoll joined Isowater® in 2014 after a successful 30 year career with Aldrich Chemical Company (later Sigma-Aldrich), a world leading speciality chemical company in the life science and high tech sector.  During his tenure he served in a variety of roles including President of Aldrich Corporation and Vice President of Global Supply Chain of Sigma Aldrich where he provided corporate guidance to senior leaders of various operational functions and defined crucial strategies for improvements to supply chain execution. In addition he has developed, manufactured and managed stable isotope production systems including those with deuterium.  Throughout his career Dr. Porwoll has established a broad network of contacts in the high tech, life science and environmental sectors.

Dr. Porwoll holds a Ph.D. in Bio-Organic Chemistry from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. In addition to his commercial expertise and contacts, Dr. Porwoll brings extensive technical knowledge of the key markets for Isowater’s® deuterium products. Dr. Porwoll is responsible for the business development activities in the US and certain international markets.

Ms. Wanda Cutler also joins the Isowater® team as Director of Marketing and Communications. Ms. Cutler brings over 15 years of experience in this area, focused on product marketing, brand management, corporate and employee communications, business development, issues management and investor relations. Throughout her career, she led teams that created and built strong corporate brands that translated into robust product sales growth, specifically in the environmental sector.

Ms. Cutler has also participated on several national and international committees aimed at building awareness and consensus on topics ranging from natural resources to alternative energy. In doing so, she has worked with a cross section of professionals to consistently foster a spirit of collaboration and results. Ms. Cutler holds a B. Soc. Sc. from the University of Ottawa.

Andrew Stuart, President & CEO of Isowater® Corporation, states, “We are delighted to strengthen our team with the addition of Joe and Wanda. They bring important skills in the business development and marketing areas of our business that complement our existing team of management, scientists, engineers and technicians. Customers looking to buy deuterium oxide need look no further than Isowater®. We are harnessing the energy and talent of our people to become a competitive and reliable producer of deuterium oxide and deuterium gas systems. ”

About Isowater®
Isowater® Corporation is a Canadian company that provides a reliable supply of hydrogen isotopes to global markets. Our products are deuterium oxide (heavy water) and deuterium gas systems for applications in Life Science and High Tech markets including: Pharmaceutical, Diagnostics, Hydrology, Fiber Optics, Semi Conductors and Analytical Research Applications. Isowater® can supply the needs of customers for deuterium oxide today, while at the same time develop the supply chain solutions for lowering the customer’s deuterium oxide cost.  Click here for more info on deuterium atomic mass.  This is done through recycling as well as ensuring a stable supply, as the many high growth users increase their demands from small to very large quantities over time.

Wanda Cutler
Director of Marketing and Communications
Isowater® Corporation
Telephone: (416) 303-6460