Major Investment in Technology for Pharmaceuticals

Auspex Pharmaceuticals Inc has raised $35 million which will advance the clinical trials of its deuterium substituted drug SD-809 designed for the treatment of chorea associated with Huntington’s disease.  In addition, the company has appointed an industry veteran, Gerald Proehl, to its Board of Directors says the article in Digital Journal. Auspex has a pipeline of drugs using deuterium substitution in order to lower the rate of breakdown of the active metabolites. While deuterium reduces the breakdown of the active metabolite of the drug, there is no effect on the target or receptor binding of the drug. It is expected that these features will result in a more convenient and safer dosage regimen, separation of pharmacological effects and a number of other benefits. This is another example of investors recognizing the growing importance of deuterium and deuterium oxide in pharmaceutical applications. For more current up to date of our deuterium gas price list click here.

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