Refined D₂O

At Isowater® we are focused on working with you to provide the deuterium oxide product you need with a reduced raw material cost. You could reduce costs and at the same time help to preserve the valuable deuterium not consumed in your process by using refined D2O — a winning situation both for you and our environment.

Most processes use only a fraction of the deuterium present in the deuterium oxide that you purchase. Depending on the industry and the process efficiency, up to 90% of the deuterium may be in your “waste” stream. Isowater® is implementing a process which can refine deuterium oxide, making it chemically purified but down-graded in terms of deuterium content. The result is a product with the deuterium content raised to a level that can be used in industrial processes. This “re-cycling” is an environmentally benign process that reduces dependence on new deuterium oxide production.

A similar process allows Isowater®  to refine and upgrade deuterium gas. Linking the Isowater® process with a hydrogen-oxygen recombiner, the refinery can increase deuterium content in the recombined deuterium oxide. We can then provide either liquid or deuterium gas for your processes, depending on your specific needs and requirements.

Refined D2O Supplier

Call, e-mail or respond through our contact page to learn more about our refinery and the opportunity to up-grade and re-cycle deuterium from your waste stream. We will work with you to provide the best possible solution and cost-saving opportunity for you.

We also provide deuterium oxide (in bulk and dispensed product formats) and deuterium gas systems to customers globally. The recycling service is another way we add value for our customers.

For more information on our deuterium oxide, click on the respective links or contact us directly by calling, emailing, or through our contact page.

D20 Refined – Why Isowater®?

Isowater® is the supplier of choice for customers that require a sustainable long term deuterium supply chain partner that can grow as you grow. We will provide deuterium oxide to you as you start in the developmental stage and grow to need bulk commercial drum delivery. Through collaboration, Isowater® will assist your growing business, ensuring your supply chain will be robust and able to withstand the uncertainties of the global heavy water market.

Isowater® achieves this through its very large inventory of deuterium oxide as well as Isowater’s® planned implementation of the D2XTM Process for producing a scalable, stable, and secure supply of deuterium oxide. Isowater® eliminates the uncertainty of supply which has been introduced into the market from time to time as government-controlled production of deuterium oxide (heavy water) is used for nuclear purposes.

The D2XTM Process is an environmentally friendly process that reduces Green House Gas emissions by some 95% from conventional production technology and completely eliminates any emissions of hydrogen sulfide or ammonia-based chemicals.

Isowater®  is regulated under the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) and all of Isowater’s® activities follow Canadian law and regulations. The Canadian regulations are fully compliant with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) requirements for the safeguarding of deuterium oxide.

Formation of Deuterium

Most of the deuterium (heavy hydrogen) that can be found on earth is believed to be formed about 10 minutes after the Big Bang, along with other very light isotopes presently found in the universe. More recently, 2.5 billion years ago, most of the deuterium atoms on the earth were incorporated into water molecules. The small fraction of natural hydrogen the Deuterium isotope made-up (only 0.015% of all hydrogen isotopes), was now found most commonly in the form of HDO molecules. Since then, deuterium has continued to be most commonly found in this form, and eventually was discovered by scientists as heavy water in 1931.

Pure heavy water, D2O, is the oxide of the heavy stable isotope of hydrogen, deuterium, denoted by the symbols 2H or D. Physically and chemically it is almost identical to ordinary “light” water, H2O, however, its density is 10% higher. It is this higher density which gives the compound its nickname, “heavy water.”

History of Deuterium

American chemist Harold C. Urey working with his associates Ferdinand G. Brickwedde and George M. Murphy discovered Deuterium in 1931. For this discovery he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1934. Since the initial discovery of deuterium, many variants and formats of the substance have been created and discovered, such as deuterium oxide.

Isowater’s® Founder and CEO Andrew T.B. Stuart’s grandfather Alexander T. Stuart implemented a water electrolysis facility in San Carlos California, which later became a deuterium enrichment site for the US Government in the 1930’s.