The Economist Magazine Reports on Deuterated Pharmaceuticals

The excitement and growth potential of deuterated pharmaceuticals is going main-stream as reported in the Economist magazine in their Medical Chemistry section (see link below). With the emphasis being “Drugs that live long will prosper”, the article nicely summarizes the outlook for deuterated pharmaceuticals. The ending sentence “…a basic fact: deuterated drugs will soon be widespread, and the result will be fewer pills to swallow” provides a key outlook that Isowater® shares. Isowater’s® focus is to ensure the raw material for deuterated drugs – deuterium – is available. Currently deuterium oxide (heavy water) is made for nuclear energy applications. Isowater’s® focus is to develop supply that is independent of the energy policies of a particular nation and targeted towards the non-nuclear industry applications such as pharmaceuticals, other life sciences, and high tech. Only through independent private sector supply will the growing non-nuclear deuterium dependent industries have a stable base to achieve profitable growth. For more informaion on where to buy heavy water click here.