Toshiba Makes a Large Advance in Semi-Conductor Fabrication Using Deuterium

The growing use of deuterium in the high tech sector has again been demonstrated. In a news release by PR Newswire, Toshiba has announced a major breakthrough in the fabrication of low-power semiconductors.  The new technology reduces the stress induced leakage current – the enemy of power efficiency – by at least 30%.  The process uses deuterium gas, burning the gas in ambient oxygen during the gate oxidation process.  This introduces deuterium atoms into the gate oxide.  Introduction of SiD4 into the process increased deuterium in the SiO­2 layer by a factor of ten. The new process can also be applied to achieve higher reliability in thin-tunnel oxides for non-volatile memories. Find more information on deuterium oxide density click here

The link to the press release is given below.