Canadian Made Deuterium OxideTM

For The World’s High Technology and Life Sciences Market

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Isowater® is a clean technology company and leading global supplier of deuterium oxide and related products for the Life Sciences, High Technology and Environmental Science sectors. Our products are deuterium oxide (heavy water; 2H20; D2O) and custom solutions for deuterium gas management (heavy hydrogen gas; 2H2; D2).

Applications for Isowater’s® deuterium products within the Life Sciences, High Technology and Environmental Science sectors include: Pharmaceutical, Diagnostics, Hydrology, Fibre Optics, Semiconductors and Scientific Research and Manufacturing. If you wish to purchase deuterium oxide (heavy water) or deuterium gas systems please contact us at .

Long Term Trusted Supplier

Isowater® is the supplier of choice for customers that require a sustainable long term deuterium supply chain partner that can grow as you grow. We will provide deuterium oxide to you as you start in the developmental stage and grow to need bulk commercial drum deliveryDrum Warehouse. Through collaboration, Isowater® will assist your growing business, ensuring your supply chain will be robust and able to withstand the uncertainties of the global heavy water market.

Isowater® achieves this through its very large inventory of deuterium oxide as well as Isowater’s® planned implementation of the D2XTM Process for producing scalable, stable and secure supply of deuterium oxide. Isowater® eliminates the uncertainty of supply which has been introduced into the market from time to time as government controlled production of deuterium oxide (heavy water) is used for nuclear purposes.

The D2XTM Process is an environmentally friendly process that reduces Green House Gas emissions by some 95% from conventional production technology and completely eliminates any emissions of hydrogen sulfide or ammonia-based chemicals.

Isowater® is regulated under the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) and all of Isowater’s® activities follow Canadian law and regulations. The Canadian regulations are fully compliant with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) requirements for safeguarding of deuterium oxide.

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