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Isowater has a large supply of heavy water ready for global delivery. Secure your reliable deuterium oxide (D2O) supply now.

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Why work with us?

Isowater® is a clean technology company and leading global supplier of heavy water, also known as D2O and deuterium oxide. We specialize in global shipping and bulk delivery of deuterium oxide products for the Life Sciences, High Technology and Environmental Science sectors.  Since our founding in 2009, we have assembled an extremely competent team of management, scientists, engineers and technicians. Isowater has a flexible and fast acting team with deep skill sets dedicated to customer support.  In addition, Isowater provides Laboratory and industrial expertise from Isowater’s leading team of scientists and analytical capabilities. Isowater® produces and supplies deuterium-based products such as deuterium oxide (heavy water; 2H2O; D2O).  Isowater supplies a variety of industries with tens of thousands of kilograms of D2O per year.

Common Applications

We supply deuterium oxide for multiple applications and business models of all shapes and sizes

Pharmacist standing in pharmacy


Metabolic studies have shown that deuterium containing drugs or deuterated drugs metabolize slower while generally retaining full potency and effectiveness.

D2O for Pharmaceuticals

A group shot of a team of scientists


Hospital diagnostics labs and university laboratories all use deuterated compounds in their medical research, including cancer research.

D2O for Diagnostics

Autumn photo of a forest with two water falls which can be traced by deuterium oxide


Deuterium as a tracer, is applied in environmental studies, water and waste-water mapping, and more recently in the monitoring of hydraulic fracturing.

D2O for Hydrology

Closeup of a fibre optics cable which can be preserved with deuterium oxide products


Deuterium extends the life of fibre-optic cables by reducing the chemical reaction rate which leads to deterioration of the light transmission.

D2O for Fibre-optics

Scientist installing a CPU. Technology is one of the many applications for deuterium oxide


Deuterium significantly improves the life cycle of semiconductors and microchips by preventing deterioration of the chip circuitry from chemical erosion.

D2O for Semiconductors

Scientist looking at a vial of heavy water for analytical research applications of deuterium oxide.

Scientific Research

Many organizations use deuterated products for Chemical, physical and biological research purposes.

D2O for Research

Ready for a reliable supply of Deuterium Oxide?

We can reliably and consistently supply D2O to companies that are involved in research to manufacturing with a wide variety of deuterated products.

Our World-Class Team

Andrew T. B. Stuart

Mr. Stuart has been President of Isowater® Corporation since its founding in 2009.

Michael H. Meltzer

Mr. Meltzer has served on our Board of Directors since 2009 and is a Senior Advisor to the Corporation.

A. James Farmilo

Dr. Farmilo joined Isowater® Corporation in 2010 and is Vice President. 

Alistair I. Miller

Dr. Miller has been a Senior Technical Advisor to Isowater® Corporation since 2009.

The Hon. G. Roy Maclaren

Mr. Maclaren provides business and strategic advice to Isowater®.

Need Bulk Quantities of Heavy Water?

Isowater® supplies bulk quantities of  high quality deuterium oxide inventories to the life science and high-tech industries.

Long-term Trusted Supplier

Isowater® is the leading global supplier of deuterium oxide and the supplier of choice for customers that require a sustainable long-term deuterium supply chain partner.

Our fast-acting team of experts will service your deuterium oxide needs from your developmental requirements to your commercial drum requirements.

Through collaboration, Isowater® will assist your growing business, ensuring your supply chain will be robust.
Isowater® achieves this through its very large inventory of deuterium oxide that is immediately available and supply options including deuterium oxide production capabilities and deuterium content upgrading capabilities.

Isowater’s scalable, stable and secure supply of deuterium oxide eliminates the uncertainty of supply and enables Isowater to supply a variety of industries with tens of thousands of kilograms of D2O per year.

Isowater® is regulated under the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) and all of Isowater’s® activities follow Canadian law and regulations. The Canadian regulations are fully compliant with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) requirements for safeguarding of deuterium oxide.

More Information

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