Applications for Deuterium


Metabolic studies have shown that deuterium containing drugs or deuterated drugs metabolize slower while generally retaining full potency and effectiveness.

D2O for Pharmaceutical


Hospital diagnostics labs and university laboratories all use deuterated compounds in their medical research, including cancer research.

D2O for Diagnostics


Deuterium as a tracer, is applied in environmental studies, water and waste-water mapping, and more recently in the monitoring of hydraulic fracturing.

D2O for Hydrology

Fibre Optics

Deuterium extends the life of fibre-optic cables by reducing the chemical reaction rate which leads to deterioration of the light transmission.

D2O for Fibre Optics

Scientist installing a CPU. Technology is one of the many applications for deuterium oxide


Deuterium significantly improves the life cycle of semiconductors and microchips by preventing deterioration of the chip circuitry from chemical erosion.

D2O for Semiconductors