Chemical engineer is heavy on water

Shail Joshi has a thing for the water in Collingwood. As a chemical engineer, he should  know. “The water  filtration system here is better than in the city,” he explains. “We have some of the best water in the whole world.”

Joshi is a technical salesperson with Isowater® Corporation, a clean technology company and a leading global supplier of heavy water. “We specialize in deuterium oxide ,” explains Joshi. “Our products are in demand across a range of high tech and life sciences industries, from fiber optics and semiconductors to cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and medical diagnostics.”

Joshi came to Isowater® in 2018 after completing a BASc in Chemical Engineering at Ottawa U, where he took part in numerous coops, including one at Tianjin University, China. There he researched active pharmaceutical ingredient enhancement through crystallization.

Joshi now crisscrosses the globe with Isowater®, working with customers in far-flung locations to find the perfect formulations for their needs. “I like the travel,” affirms Joshi. “I  appreciate the ability to work with professionals from different companies around the  world. It’s horizon-broadening. But I like it very much here, too. I’m getting into skiing. Also canoeing, kayaking and hiking. I love the Bay. I like the surrounding farmland as well, which I think is important to maintain as this area grows.”

Like many millennials, Joshi finds value in working for a company that does good things. “I appreciated Isowater’s® determination to innovate, its technology and evolving processes,” he says. “These things are all critical to clean tech development.”

A focus on clean tech is nothing new for Joshi. His capstone project involved the research of a completely carbon neutral, emissions-free process that derives ethyl acetate and hydrogen from ethanol. He also drives a plug-in hybrid.

“I was really happy that Isowater® was able to accommodate the car,” he says. “They created an electric fueling station right near the front of the building on a porous green pathway. It forms part of the lawn. I think it’s important to support progressive technology on a personal level, too.”

What’s next for Joshi? “I’m just enjoying South Georgian Bay. I go skiing and rock climbing with colleagues. I work for a cool company. I’m exploring the area. Life is good.”