Isowater Announces Intention to Build 20 Tonne/Year Deuterium Oxide Production Facility

New output will improve future supply chain stability for semiconductor and other advanced industries

(Collingwood, Ont., Oct. 17, 2023) – Isowater Corporation, a leading global vendor of deuterium oxide (heavy water), today announced its intention to build a 20 tonne per year deuterium oxide production facility. The plant’s output will be sold into fast-growing global markets including high technology and life sciences, and will serve as a stepping-stone to the deployment of an aggregate 100 tonnes/yr of production. The facilities will produce sustainable long-term commercial supplies of de novo deuterium oxide from natural water. 

Isowater, a member of the Key DH Technologies Inc. group of companies, has developed its heavy water production capabilities over the past several years. On January 31, 2023, the company announced a significant technological breakthrough in its proprietary D2X™ production process with its first output of market-grade deuterium oxide.

Further progress has been made since that time, not only in technology development but also in the development and implementation of quality management systems. Isowater’s Collingwood facility was recently recommended for ISO 9001 certification, including for the commercial production and distribution of deuterium oxide. The planned 20 tonne/yr facility will expand Isowater’s current heavy water enrichment capabilities using the D2X™ process.

“The expansion of our de novo heavy water output is possible thanks to a dedicated, multi-year effort to build a solid foundation for a scalable, sustainable and green deuterium oxide supply chain,” said Andrew Stuart, Chair, Isowater Corporation.“

Since its formation in 2009, Isowater has focused on meeting private sector requirements for deuterium oxide with private sector solutions. The company has established a global market presence as a distributor of existing deuterium oxide supplies to some of the world’s most sophisticated industries including life sciences, semiconductors, OLED displays and fibre optics. 

Historically, deuterium oxide was produced by governments to support the build-out of large-scale heavy water nuclear reactors. The quantities available for non-nuclear uses have traditionally been inconsistent and unreliable. In response to this market gap, Isowater focused from its inception on building a reputation as a trusted and reliable supplier, and now serves customers in more than 20 countries. 

“With no new sources of deuterium oxide to this point and ongoing demand growth, our investment in de novo heavy water production could not come at a more important moment,” Stuart said. “The highly sophisticated products made using deuterium oxide depend on the supply chain stability that Isowater is committed to bringing forward.”

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Isowater® is a world-leading supplier of deuterium oxide to the life sciences, high technology and environmental science sectors. Deuterium oxide, naturally occurring at approximately 150 parts per million in natural water, is used in a concentrated form by these industries. Isowater, a member of the Key DH Technologies Inc. group of companies, ships globally to customers in more than 20 countries. For more information, please visit

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